ampersand or plus?

Ponder with me for a moment…do you prefer ampersands or plus signs when linking two things or as a substitute for and? I use of ampersands and plus signs interchangeably and can’t decide which I prefer.  I suppose each & or + decision comes down to each use – I tend to use the plus sign when I’m going for a clean, simple, mod look and an ampersand when I’m more focused on adding some flair or the typography has a unique mark.  Below are some samples for your viewing pleasure! Eager to hear your thoughts in the comments section: ampersand or plus?
amperzand or plus


One response to “ampersand or plus?

  1. I just depends. If I am typing I like to use the ampersand because it is standard practice. When hand writing I use the plus sign simply because it is the way I have always done it and because I am lousy at drawing the ampersand.

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