foodie super bowl


My partner and I really are sports fans, but because neither of our teams made the Super Bowl, we could focus entirely on the FOOD! I cannot say with any certainty if we’re bigger sports fans or foodies.  Either way, here was our menu for the evening.

An ordinary fruit bowl would just not cut it at our foodie super bowl party, thus my partner spent most of the morning carving watermelons into helmets complete with each team’s logo.


We completed the presentation with chocolate-covered strawberries that I piped with white chocolate to resemble footballs.


Deviled eggs have made a classy comeback in recent years so this somewhat ordinary first course was dressed up with chives to follow suit & resemble footballs.100_2058

I’ve recently become enamored with baking breads. Who knew it doesn’t have to take hours of kneading to make great breads? On the left are pretzel rolls awaiting BBQ pulled pork – I used this recipe.  On the right are flatbreads to serve as the perfect crunchy cracker for spinach artichoke dip.  Here’s the recipe.

Now for the BUFFALO CHICKEN CUPCAKES…yes, I said it. Photos & how-to below.


Bake cornbread muffins; use your favorite recipe or try this one.


Use a knife to create a divot in the corn muffin.  Make sure to hold the knife at an angle so the cutout you’re left with is shaped like a top.100_2028

Now fill that divot with buffalo chicken. Let your crock pot do the work here – fill with dark meat chicken and buffalo sauce and let it go for several hours.  It will be so tender that you’ll be able to shred with two forks.

Next, made a creamy “frosting” of sorts with bleu cheese and cream cheese.  Let them come to room temperature so they are easier to combine.  The ratio is up to you and how strong a flavor you like; I love bleu cheese so my ratio was 1:1.

Finally, pipe the frosting over the cornbread muffin filled with buffalo chicken. I kept the  cornbread in the oven on warm while I was prepping the frosting. It’s a bit of a tricky dance to make sure the cornbread isn’t too warm that it melts your frosting and thus doesn’t hold up the final buffalo chicken wing or drumstick on top.  They are delicious even if the chicken wing slides off, though, so don’t worry too much.  Happy eating & GO…who’s playing again?



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