nerd baking

A good friend & fellow word game player, MARK5, came to visit us in San Francisco. To celebrate his arrival, I made a very special CAKE1.


I knew I wanted to make a version of a tres leches cake and that I needed a light brown final frosting. I baked a basic white sheet cake and, once cooled, used my square cookie cutter to cut two layers per letter.


Next, I laid the squares on a cooling rack over a sheet pan and drizzled the cakes with the tres leches sauce (I only made a half batch & that was more than plenty). Don’t go too crazy with the drizzling! You want the cakes to be moist and flavorful but you don’t want them to fall apart.


I chilled the squares while I made the caramel frosting. It turned out to be the perfect color! One secret to my frosting: I had lots of tres leches sauce left over so I used it instead of heavy cream.


Now for the really fun part: assembly!


Frosting this cake requires some…okay, a lot of… patience because the cake is so moist & crumbly.  Take your time, it will work out!  Finally, use melted chocolate to pipe letters and corresponding points on to the cakes (I use a product like this); you can lookup points per letter here.

word games + baking = nerd baking & I love it.
Here’s to being brainy & delicious at the same time.



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