Grand Marnier Brownie-bottomed Cheesecake for a Grand Guy

I was at it again this year (in case you missed last year’s) baking a birthday cake for my guy, though this year instead of cake he craved cheesecake! His favorite liqueur is Grand Marnier so I went to work concocting a completely delectable, incredibly rich, brownie-bottomed cheesecake topped with caramel. Photos & links to recipes are below!


I pieced together a few different recipes to achieve this one final dessert – first off,  I made the Grand Marnier brownies. You can find the link to the recipe here, but remember to bake the brownie in a springform pan! I baked as directed by this recipe because I read that baking the brownie prior to adding the cheesecake portion will result in a less fudgy-brownie. My brownie was still plenty fudgy once it was baked with the cheesecake so no worries there.


While the brownies were baking, I whipped up the cheesecake part using this recipe. No need to use brand names, I didn’t and everything turned out just fine. Once the brownies came out of the oven and cooled a bit, I added a layer of chopped pecans before pouring the cheesecake layer.


Once the cheesecake is almost set, take it out of the oven and let it cool. This is a great dessert to make the night before because it’ll be far easier to cut through and serve once completely chilled. Right before you serve, you can pour the caramel over if you want it to be oozy and deliciously drippy. Otherwise, you can make the caramel the night before and let it chill as well. This is my go-to simple caramel recipe.

100_3876As a final touch, I added the candles as an ode to his love of baseball, I found them quite inexpensively on Amazon. Now get baking!



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